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About us

Loving Counseling and Consultation was born out of a desire to serve Northeast Tennesseans to help alleviate the impact of trauma and mental health issues on our community in a private practice setting with a "loving" approach. 

For our clients, we want to provide a safe, supportive environment to help you get through whatever season life is presenting to you. While our focus is on trauma, we are able to assist our clients through a variety of struggles. Reach out and let us know what we might be able to support you through today.

For the staff, we intend to support and help cultivate a work culture conducive to collaboration, teamwork, and reaching our individual potential as providers of care. We will maintain high standards for training, continuing education, supervision of counselors toward licensure, and consultation in furthering confidence in the skills required to use EMDR therapy.


If you have an interest in future internships or joining our team, send your résumé to

What are the benefits of self-pay vs. billing insurance?

One benefit of self-pay is that counselors do not have to share client diagnoses with insurance for billing purposes. Clients will always be informed of any diagnoses, but by using self-pay, clients can be assured that no treatment information is shared with a third-party insurer.

Another benefit of self-pay is control over your visit frequency. Insurance companies sometimes set limits on the number of visits they will cover and the amount of time you are allowed with a counselor in each session. Self-pay gives you more control over your treatment.

Obviously, the self-pay route is not always the best choice for seeking treatment. Oftentimes, financially it may make more sense to utilize your health insurance plan. Please see the Meet Our Counselors page to determine who our counselors are in-network with. We are still unable to contract with Medicare but we can see Medicare clients at our self-pay rates.

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